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Feminist Social Justice Curriculum

This project was 9th-12th grade curriculum that introduced feminism(s) and applications towards social justice for a public all-girls school.

Starting with an exploration of feminism in 9th grade, the content and goals of each course spiraled this knowledge towards the 12th grade action research project that uses girlhood studies scholar Claudia Mitchell's GRL-Method. The curriculum was designed to compliment the existing middle school curriculum while also moving the boundaries of that content knowledge towards an application of feminist ideals and girl-initiated action in high school. Designing this curriculum for GALS Denver was one of our first opportunities to translate our theoretical and empirical research knowledge about girlhood studies, all-girls schools, gender in education and feminist social justice ideals to a usable and critical curriculum for girls. Our first meeting with school leaders and teachers about this project animated the vision for this curriculum where they articulated their desires for knowledge. We drew from this conversation over many weeks of our design process.

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Photo by Jessica Podraza on Unsplash

I was so incredibly impressed by the depth of knowledge of both Caitlin and Stephanie as it related to feminist ideals, adolescent development, curriculum development, gender socialization, and working with our team in a creative and thoughtful process.
 - Carol Bowar, Executive Director