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Sex Education for Girls Ages 6-8

Access to comprehensive and inclusive sex education for early elementary school children is limited across the 50 states.

Girls Inc., the largest girl-serving organization in the nation, asked us to develop a healthy sexuality "toolkit" for educators for this age group and design parent and caregiver engagement strategies. The content and parent and caregiver engagement strategies were designed to support educators and caring adults with conversations about bodies, relationships, boundaries, and safety.

See some of the big questions by little kids... +

photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Caitlin's expertise in sexuality and previous work in youth development, coupled with their deep commitment to inclusion is evidenced in their writing.
-Sarah Diaz, Senior Learning Manager
Our work together felt like a true partnership in the best way, as re|scripted was committed to producing a quality resource for youth and their work style with our team was relational and responsive.
-Sarah Diaz, Senior Learning Manager