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Teacher Support for Sex Ed Curriculum Design

MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE TEACHERS at Denver Green School were eager for some instructional coaching to support their implementation of COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED units AND Parent-CAREGIVER WORKSHOPS. AS a progressive school, we were able to see sex ed go in new directions!

For this project, we collaboratively planned the scope and sequence for parent & caregiver sessions. Additionally, we provided instructional coaching to support the development of those sessions. Coaching for this project included on-call support for lesson planning, instructional problem solving, curriculum resources, and site-embedded virtual and in-person teaching support. It is always engaging for us to provide teachers with multi-media curricular resources aligned with the curriculum goals and content. Working with these middle school science teachers sharpened our understanding of parents and caregivers engagement with sex ed and enlarged our capacity for instructional coaching.

Check out the National Sex Education Standards +

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

Throughout the process of working together, it was clear that the folks at re|scripted were the ideal experts and collaborators we were looking for to complement our school’s focus on anti-racist and equitable practices.
- 8th grade Science Teacher
The curriculum was both highly informed and informative, relevant, thought-provoking, inclusive, and helped our diverse group of students feel safe and seen.
- 7th grade Science Teacher